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good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. two maryland brothers are be behind bars after police bust a cigarette smuggling ring. those brothers made off with more than $55 million and now police in new york say that cash may have been funneled to terror groups. rochelle richie is live with the latest. >> reporter: the brothers are facing a number of charges, including enterprise corruption. they were arrested in ocean, living a simple and unsuspecting lifestyle. >> it is one of the most lucrative cigarette smuggling rings new york police say they've seen in a long time. . >> we don't know where all that money went. what we know is deeply troubling. >> the master minds of it all are just two of the 16 arrested with who authorities call
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dangerous connections to terrorist groups. >> we know that some members of this group have ties to dangerous people. we know they were arrested with weapons. >> authorities in new york say the brothers along with 14 other people formed a distrue distribution -- distribution line. an accomplice would give them cash in exchange for the cigarettes. in a wiretapped conversation a brooklyn distributor was heard saying this business is better than selling drugs. maryland state comptroller peter fran choe. >> cigarette smuggling can produce big profits. >> they profited $55 million in illegal cigarette sells costing the state of new york $80 million in lost profit. >> it's a way in which organized crime cangeneral
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organized -- can can generate profits. >> i guess things they use. >> the millions of dollar s is now in the custody new york police. the investigation is ongoing. >> we are following the money and we will work to track it down wherever it went. >> reporter: the brothers will be extradited back to new york to face those charges. i'm rochelle richie. >> thank you. $2 million in crash was found cash was found at the brother's home. it was believed they deposit it ed dfsh -- dedeposit itted the rest. investigators are walking the train tracks surveying the damage after two commuter trains collided in bridge port, connecticut. the national transportation safety board is collecting evidence to figure
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out what caused the accident. >> we will be looking at the general condition of the track. data recorders were on the train and will provide us data on speeds, travel settings and other perimeters. >> several cars oh of a metro north train traveling from new york to new haven derailed and a second train coming from the opposite direction hit them. about 700 people were on the two trains, more than 70 were injured. >> the damage is absolutely staggering. tons of metal tossed around like toy things inside the cars are shattered. >> investigators say there's also extensive damage to the tracks. once the initial investigation is complete crews will clear the damaged trains and start rebuilding the tracks. >> this is a very busy commuter corridor from new york to boston. officials say they don't know how long it will take to get trains moving again. >> amtrak suspended service between new york and new haven and there's limited service to
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boston. commuters are worried about monday morning. >> i don't know how i'm going to get to work. i rely on the train. >> the initial investigation will take about 10 days. crews say they will likely be able to clear the tracks in the next few days. >> according to a statement on amtrak's website, the crash will not delay rail service between new york, philly, maryland and washington dc. also right now, wjz is following a developing story in virginia where a car has crashed into a crowd of parade go ers. it happened earlier today during the appalachian trail celebration. we're getting more details. officials say 60 people were injured. four helicopters have responded. it's still not clear how this accident happened. wjz is monitoring these breaking developments and bring you more details when they're available. city firefighters are investigating a serious fire in northeast baltimore. take a look at the scene this morning
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at the intersection of bel air avenue and urdman avenue. the house fire crew to two alarms. no injuries reported in that blaze. a maryland congressman is weighing in on the ongoing scandal involving the irs. according to our media partners at the baltimore sun, andy harris is now tieing the scandal to president obama's health care over haul. since the irs will be responsible for taxes individuals harris says the scandal proves that the agency needs less power, not more. the irs is currently under investigation for allegedly targeting tea party groups. a pretty great afternoon. let's take a live look outside. what a big change from yesterday afternoon. we have clouds, a little bit of rain and definitely cooler temperatures. let's check in with chelsea ingram live with an updated look at first dating live doppler radar.
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it started at my house around 2:00 or 3:00. >> we had a little bit of drizzle move through but that's all we saw earlier today. we've been drying out. we will get more rain headed our way. over the past 2 hours we had a little drizzle around the metro area. more rainfall down over on the eastern shore and in western maryland. we'll get some more rainfall working its way as we head into the over hour. temperatures are on the cool side, around 62 degrees in baltimore and 63 in hagerstown. we do have warmer temperatures though out wards the midwest. 82 degrees in kansas city. that's some of the warm air we're going to be tapping into as we head into the beginning of next week. for now, high pressure is keeping this stationary front right below us. that's going to continue to send us chances for shower activity. we will talk more about that in your complete first warning weather forecast. >> thank you. i'm sure some of you are hoping you're that one in 175 million. those are the odds of tonight's $600 million powerball
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jackpot. it's not stopping thousands of people from lining up testing their luck. tonight tim williams has more. >> here's the question, how much money do you need to be happy? >> i need about $800,000. i'll be good. >> more cost, winning saturday night's $600 million powerball is the key to enjoying life pleasures. >> or solve life problems. >> doctor carson's compare ty compare tyty -- charities. >> nationwide sales pushed this jackpot to a record breaking $600 million. it's the largest powerball jackpot ever. it's also the second largest multi-state jackpot in united states history. >> it's fantastic. there's a small chance but like they say, if you don't buy a ticket you don't have a chance. >> your chance of winning is now 1 in 175 million.
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the cash option is now $376.9 million. >> i will quit my job first of all. >> which brings us back to the initial question. >> i can win a million and be happy. >> we should all be so lucky. tim williams, ended end. -- tim williams, wjz eyewitness news. >> one of my coworkers said this could be a headache if you won this. ticket sales end 1 hour before the drawing time. we will have the winning news on eyewitness news at 11:00. if i don't have them i hope one of my friends does or one of our viewers. remember, you're friendly news man would like a couple of bucks too. still to come on wjz eyewitness news, picking up the pieces in texas. are more storms on the way? the details just ahead. >> another dangerous ricin attack uncovered at postal facility. where it happened and what federal agents are doing about it. >> hundreds turn out for a
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chance to appear on a popular series filming in maryland. the details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's cloudy and 62 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather forecast with chelsea is coming up. a plane carrying 140 people goes down in moscow. that aircraft caught fire when it was landing on the runway. you can see passengers jumping off the wings and going down the
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evacuation slides. luckily to one was hurt. scary pictures here. as you can see, the landing gear broke, caught fire and it started burning a wheel. the investigation into how that fire started remains ongoing tonight. families return home for the first time to see what is left of their homes after a more than dozen tornados tore through this week. marly hall reports for wjz. >> i don't have anything. it's all gone. >> when 16 tornados tore through texas wednesday night gene may lost almost everything. >> my house shifted at first. it sounded like a train come ing on top of me. my roof got ripped off. >> may lined up with other residents from rancho bra southeast in granbury. >> i know i couldn't keep the people out of there. i was keeping them out long enough to
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assure me and everything else that we didn't have anybody missing, hurt, injured, deceased. >> only residents with permits are allowed back in. authorities are instructing people to get what they can and get out. no one is allowed to spend the night. >> may took these photos of her destroyed trailer home and found treasured photos. her family is tieing to focus on what they do still have, each other. >> i am just in disbelief of all of this. i'm so blessed. >> may's daughter and grand granddaughter also lived in rancho and they're all starting other together. >> as of tonight 7 people are still missing from wednesday's deadly tornados. the fbi is executing a search warrant in the case of two letters containing the deadly poison ricin. this is the second time in two months letters containing the poison
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were intercepted. today it's happening in washington state. our officials say there's no threat to neighbors. so far no arrests have been made. no word on a motive and no word on the destination of the letters. lots of questions. a georgia man is graduating, but it's a graduation that almost didn't happen. when he was 17 general wilson was imprisonened for having consensual sex with another teenager. that encounter was videotaped. it got national attention for molestation laws. after serving 3 years his sentence was finally overturned and wilson was freed. now he's 27 years old, will graduate from moore house tomorrow. he's engaged and has a 2 month old daughter. the house of cards is returning to maryland. before the cast beginning filming more actors and extras are needed. the actors lined up for hours today answering an open call. a head shot or picture and resume is all you need.
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maybe a good smile or sometimes they look for specific things in that. i remember getting a casting call notification in any inbox. >> when you just walk along the streets you find so many people that have so much talent. >> kevin spay -- spay spacey is the big name. they are looking for people who huge beards for something they're filming. i don't know what that was about. >> you wouldn't have made that call. >> i would not. maybe a 5 o'clock shadow on the week end but that's all about. it was my son's birthday party today. the whole day i was looking at the skies saying please rain hold up. >> i planned that out for you. >> thank you so much . temperatures right now are still on the cool side, around
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62 degrees at bwi marshall. humidity at 75%. winds out of the west at 8, keeping the clouds in the,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. we're still sitting on the cool side out there. around 62 degrees in baltimore, 64 in elkton. a lot of 60 across the board. 63 in kent island. the winds are coming out of the east and they're not strong but they're keeping the clouds over us for now and pulling in more moisture from the atlantic. winds are out of the west around 8 miles per hour in baltimore. we've been stuck under the clouds pretty much all day. however, we didn't see a whole lot of rain. we managed to stay dry. we will be seeing more rain as we head into the over night hours.
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we're dealing with this area of very unorganized rain showers and clouds associated with low pressure and a stationary front that just doesn't want to move. it's all because high pressure up towards the north and east is blocking it from going anywhere. we will continue to see more rainfall push up from the south into the over night. let me take you through time here. starting over night through your monday, that stationary front will return as a warm front as we head into sunday. you know what that means, we'll be bringing in warmer air, warmer temperatures. we're talking about well above normal. down right feeling like the summertime out there. with that warmer air and also some humidity and moisture in place, we're looking at the chance for thunderstorms and thundershowers into the work week. bay temperature around 65 degrees. sunrise at 5:49, sunset at 8:14. a small craft advisory but not until sunday evening. mostly cloudy tonight with a couple of
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showers. tomorrow mostly cloudy also with a couple of showers. it will be the coolest day of the next 5. we are going to start warming up very nicely. check this out. 78 degrees by monday with that chance of thunderstorms and rain showers. tuesday looks dry, 86 degrees. 87 on wednesday. back down to 82 on thursday with another chance of rain showers and thunderstorms. adam and stan. >> kind of like a repeat performance. a lot going on today, stan. >> in sports in general this time of year, especially down the street. the preakness stakes at pimlico. a whole lot of lacrosse here in the capitol of lacrosse land in america, baltimore. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. stay with us,,,, people are stuck in very old habits
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stan is here with our wjz the fan sports report. >> the results are off and done. ox bow, not orb. >> so no triple crown winner this year. >> not this time. the last time was 18978. was 1978. no raining on that parade sur rounding the second leg of horse racings triple crown. from pimlico, the 138th running to have preakness stakes. just won by ox bow, not the favorite orb who won the kentucky derby. a full report tonight at 11:00 from my colleague sports director mark viviano. right now downtown at the yards, those birds with the rays who took game one last night. right now the birds are leading this. it's a 6-4 lead in the
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5th inning. jergins pitching well. through 5 innings he allowed four runs and six hits. we'll have more highlights on that later. tomorrow it's masn on wjz. orioles, rays, coverage coming your way sunday at 1:30. more saturday action from around the diamond. from cleveland against seattle on rally hat day, many orioles fans still debating whether the birds should have let mark reynolds out of town. here's reynolds blasting a two run homer from his knee with one hand. tied for all, infield single. watch the play at the plate. the indians win 5-4. men's ncaa lacrosse. the continued quest for the division 1 championship. 16-6 cornell.
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big red making another final four appearance. those lady terps 21-0, the number one seed in the women's ncaa lacrosse tournament. they punched their ticket to a straight fifth semi final beating duke 14-9. the division 3 ncaa tournament semi finals, salisbury university lady saw gulls tied at 7 with middles berry. 8 and a half minutes left in this semi final championship, the game winner. salisbury beats middle berry 8-7. 12 goals from ashley wheatly. they advance at 22-0. the lady terps of maryland 2 1-0. high school lacrosse, classic a conference, locally. latin on the take against
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latoya. 6-0 lead. laylola rallied from 6 down for victory upsetting the team ranked by many as the best in the nation. it's a 10-9 victory, a conference final thriller. finally pga golf, key began bradley playing catch me if you can in irving, texas. he was in charge for 13 under. tied for second this guy, bay with gillis. nice approach shot right there. what goes up must come down. sorry you didn't get to see it. a couple more details on the preakness. lucky day was 2nd. orb was behind right of the gateses. >> he was out of it. no triple crown winner. >> thanks so much. be sure to watch the cbs prime time line up. at 10:00 it's 48 hours. that's immediately followed by wjz's news at 11:00 tonight at 11:00, a
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cigarette smuggling ring that could be supplying money to terrorists. >> also, it's a record jackpot. what are your odds of win ning $600 million? we will have that plus the winning numbers tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. people are talking about how they would spend that. any ideas what you would do? >> spend it fast. >> i wouldn'ted know what wouldn't know what to do. wouldn't know what to do. ,,,,,, let's play:
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